Common Questions

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

  • The size of your lot determines how many parking spaces you can have. For example, a one-acre lot can potentially hold between 100-150 spaces, but that number may be reduced due to required fire lanes or ADA handicap parking

  • ADA code has specific regulations that determine the number of handicap parking spaces per lot. Although the number varies from lot to lot, our painting teams have ADA training to ensure that your parking lot layout adheres to government standards. Find out specific guidelines here.

  • Parking lot striping is best done in the spring because it offsets damage sustained over the winter, such as potholes in the striping layout, snowplow scrapes in the paint, and asphalt cracks from expanding ice.

  • In order to get your lot in the best condition to absorb and hold paint, clear away all oil, dirt, and garbage. If you plan to fill any cracks in the pavement or apply a seal coating, do that before you have your lot striped.

  • Parking lot stripes fade over time, and it’s recommended that you re-stripe every 12-18 months. Keeping the paint in your lot visible not only promotes smoother traffic flow, but it also ensures a safer space for your customers to navigate. In addition, fresh paint heightens the aesthetic appeal of your lot, making it more pleasing for your customers.

  • We’re a 24/7 business. That means we can work on your lot when you have the least amount of customer traffic, even if that means painting your lot at 2:00 AM or on a Sunday evening. We also work on your lot in divided sections rather than all at once so that customers can still use your parking lot.

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